Minto! Thanks team. The unit came in about a week with the reverse camera and OBD2 accessories as promised. Easy install with the plug and play looms

- Aden. T

Dmax Headunit 2012-2020

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Summit 4×4’s high quality premium head unit includes Android Auto, Apple CarPlay (wireless) and is made to fit seamlessly into the Isuzu Dmax. Our head units are easy to install and come with a set of adaptor cables set so they will be plug and play and you can have unit installed in around 30 minutes at home.

The kit comes with a HD upgraded reverse camera. All our units use high quality and the latest components which means you get a fast head unit that boots quickly and offers sound quality that is far superior to the original head unit and lower price aftermarket system.


9" Capacitive Touch Screen

Comes with Built In Facia

(Plastic Trim Around Screen)

Wireless Apple Car Play

3 USB cables with 30cm leads
Android 10 Base Operating System
Latest 8 core Processor
Great Sound Quality with Built in DSP
4GB Ram & 32GB Storage, 6GB Ram & 128GB Storage or 8GB Ram & 128 GB Storage
1-3 second boot Time
External Microphone Included
Precision GPS sender/receiver included
Plug & Play Cable Adaptor Install Kit
Reverse Camera Included free of charge
6 RCA input/outputs

(for Amplifier/sub, video, extra speakers etc)

3G/4G Sim card slot + WiFi Connectivity

What’s the difference between the standard unit and the Upgraded unit?

  1. Standard Unit (2GB RAM + 32GB Storage):
    • Ideal for mid-level needs.
    • Smooth performance for most applications.
    • Excellent audio quality.
    • Budget-friendly option.
  1. Upgraded Unit (6GB RAM + 128GB Storage):
    • Designed for high-end users.
    • Zero lag, even with multiple apps open.
    • Enhanced audio with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.
    • Perfect for audio enthusiasts.
  1. Ultimate Unit (8GB RAM + 128GB Storage):
    • A complete overhaul with top-notch features.
    • 2K screen, powerful 2.0GHz CPU.
    • Exceptional audio quality with a 36-band equalizer.
    • Performance, heat dissipation, and productivity significantly upgraded.
    • Supports accessories like gaming controllers, TV antennas, and more.

Feel free to reach out for any additional information or accessories to enhance your experience.

 As an extra, our headunits are able to support accessories such as: Gaming controllers, TV antennas (Yes, regular TV!!), OBD2 scanners, Dash cameras, DAB+ radio and so much more. Contact us to add any of these in. Some are available on the accessories page.

The Included Free OBD2 Reader:

Our OBD2 connector can read live engine data such as RPM, Temperature, Error Codes, Fuel use and so much more!

What’s included and what features do they have?

Easy Install Kit

Our Android headunit kits include plug and play wiring adapters so that you do not have to connect any wires. Installation is very easy, just remove your old headunit, connect the adapter plugs supplied, connect Microphone, GPS etc to the back of the headunit, reinstall, and youre done! Most people can do the job in around an hour

What Can They Connect To?

Add in aftermarket accessories such as Tyre pressure monitoring kits, DAB+ radio, OBD2 readers for live data and clearing codes, reverse cameras for front, sides and towing, battery monitors, dash camera systems plus so much more!

Digital Audio Processing.

Our headunits include a DSP chip that allows you to finely control the audio in the vehicle. You can even control the EQ per speaker in the vehicle!  This will allow you to compensate for acoustic anomalies in the car, the time alignment, and delays between each speaker. It draws the best quality stereo audio from a system.

How Often Do They Update The Software?

The android software is usually updated when bugs are found, the system currently runs android 10.0. With this software, you can access the app store to download any app you can think of. Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, HEMA maps etc.

Ensure you check out our reviews!

Message our Facebook Page with any questions you may have

Please note that while we try to make all of our kits completely plug and play, sometimes some wires may need to be joined.  We recommend consulting a professional installer

Android 11
Octa-Core, Cortex A55
4GB or 6GB
64GB or 128GB
Screen Size9 inch
1280*720 QLED
BrandSummit 4×4
AmplifierToshiba – TCB001HQ    4x 55w
IPS Anti-glare Capacitive 5-Finger Touch
Apple CarPlay
wired & wireless
Android Autowired & wireless
RadioFM, AM, RDS
WiFi, USB, Bluetooth 5.0, SIM-Card+4G
VoltageDC 12V
ApplicationFrom Google Playstore
Apple CarPlay

Android Auto

Bluetooth 5.0

Hands Free

External Microphone
Phone Link
Mirror Screen
Split Screen
Hi-Res Audio
Support Car Steering Wheel Controls
MP3/4 Player
Warranty12 Months
Internet4G LTE SIM slot, WiFi, HotSpot
GPS MapsGoogle Maps, IGO, Sygic, Navitel, HereWeGo (offline Maps)
SupportDVR OBD2-ELM327 DAB+, FM/AM/RDS Transmitter, Radio Tuner, rear view camera, Dash Front Camera, Mirror screen for Android & iPhone, Steering Wheel Controls
Package includes1x Car Radio User Manual
1x Head Unit
1x Facia Frame Molded to suit the factory slot
1x Power plug (PLUG&PLAY)
3x USB cable
1x WiFi antenna
1x GPS antenna
1x 4G antenna

Please remember to check the supported factory fitted headunits which are listed in the products photos 

Additional information


2GB RAM + 32GB Storage (Cheapest), 6GB RAM + 128GB Storage (Recommended), 8GB RAM + 128GB Storage (Pro)

26 reviews for Dmax Headunit 2012-2020

  1. Nicholas

    Awesome headunit! Very easy to install and having car play makes life so much easier… thanks!

  2. Barry. T (verified owner)

    Didnt receive an email with a tracking number. Hence 3 stars. The actual head-unit is great though. Super responsive

  3. Gary. G (verified owner)

    Wicked bit of kit! the headunit is so responsive and boots up instantly. Will recommend these to a mate who is in the market for one like this

  4. Lisa. U (verified owner)

    So good compared to the standard headunit. The sounds quality is great and all the apps work really well. Thanks

  5. Lee. W (verified owner)

    I had a Tyre pressure kit already which uses bluetooth. it was great to be able to just download an app on this headunit and use the Tyre pressure system again.

  6. Nick. V (verified owner)

    Great quality. Will recommend this head unit to others on the facebook groups

  7. Annie. C (verified owner)

    This is so much better than the stock one. Easy to setup. Thanks

  8. Bryan K. (verified owner)

    Delivery took 2 weeks. Otherwise a great unit

  9. Bryan R. (verified owner)

    Its like an iPad with radio! delivery took about 2 weeks though

  10. Bryan K. (verified owner)

    Awesome unit

  11. Herman. K (verified owner)

    I’m not one to normally write reviews (let long long reviews) however Nick was great helping me with my order. He responded almost instantly to all my requests. Installation was very easy, all i had to do was match the plugs and switch out the hazard light button
    The headunit is great, super responsive and turns on straight away. The reverse camera kit supplied is very clear and also is very responsive. Tyre pressure kit was a bit fiddly but otherwise straight forward, you just have to download an app from the app store to get it working. Thanks Mate

  12. Marcus. O (verified owner)

    Really love the Wireless CarPlay and how i can download any app

  13. Jiamin. L (verified owner)

    Very impressed by what is included in this kit. Has all the wiring kits so it is plug and play!. thanks

  14. Manfred. P (verified owner)

    Arrived in 2 weeks. Well packaged and easy install. thanks

  15. Miro. G (verified owner)

    The headunit took about 2 weeks to be delivered but the installation was easy and it runs really well. im not usually one to write long reviews or reviews at all to be honest but the unit is genuinely great! it doesnt lag and it boots up basically instantly. The carplay connects wirelessly when i hop in the car and the sound quality is great. ive got a sub/amp setup and the unit really brings the car to life, especially when on high volume. the kit has the complete facia surround replacement so it looks like th headunit came from the factory. Thanks guys!!

  16. Jameel. L (verified owner)

    I’ve had this headunit for around 1 month now and i can honestly say that it just works. Boots fast every time, Seamless switching between apps, radio works well, carplay is good. Will buy one again when i get a different car. Thanks

  17. Jameel. L (verified owner)


  18. Aden. T (verified owner)

    Minto! Thanks team. The unit came in about a week with the reverse camera and OBD2 accessories as promised. Easy install with the plug and play looms

  19. Simon. P (verified owner)

    Had a cheap Ebay version of these. That thing was horrible! Went with the 6GB version from Summit and the difference is night and day! Extremely impressed and well worth the money. They give regular software updates so the device just keeps getting faster. Ill return when i get a new car

  20. Ugene. P (verified owner)

    Shipping took quite a while. 10 days from when it was sent. Otherwise it is a good headunit and wasnt too hard to install

  21. Lee. H (verified owner)

    Cheap and effective. Shipping took over a week but otherwise happy

  22. Kevin. N (verified owner)

    Thanks. Fast delivery and easy to install

  23. Ria. N (verified owner)

    pretty good unit but the instructions should be easier or there needs to be an after hours installation assistance service

  24. Monica. K (verified owner)

    all good

  25. Monica. K (verified owner)

    Delivery to NZ took 7 days so pretty happy with that! as far as the install goes, could be easier and i wish they had a video on how to do it

  26. Thomas. R (verified owner)

    First unit started glitching after about a week. summit ended up replacing it after attempting to fix it by software replacement which did work

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